WTB hobo stove

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The new and innovative W.T.B. pocket wood stove. Light versatile and in a handy backpack. With a weight of 300g it is 16cm heigh with feet (13.4 cm without feet) and has a burning space diameter of 12 cm. The WTB hobo can be fired with wood or it can be used as wind protection for an alcohol (spirit) burner or a fuel tablet (e.g. Esbit). (see 2nd image) The round pyramid like shape provides a good chimney effect. The enclosed bottom prevent ashes from falling out . M6 nuts at the base allow countless creative design options for the distance to soil or the anchoring (e.g. by using threaded bars, flat head screws, pointed threads etc), if needed. With pack dimensions of 9cm heigh and 12cm diameter the WTB pocket wood stove fits comfortable in a range of standard camping pots for storage. The brass colored spirit cooker on the second picture is for illustration purposes only and is not included.

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